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  • More and more people want to have their own farm, they can grow as many plants as they want, they like to rend a big farm, and they can also have other jobs.


  • Family lawns need to be watered regularly, watering requires know-how, and how to water it requires a good grasp and reasonable planning.


  • Greenhouse watering system, in fact, many of the greenhouse cultivation should be familiar! With the development of the planting industry, the greenhouse watering system is also progressing, from the initial artificial watering, to the automatic layout of the pipeline, and finally to the current automation control!


  • Plants can drink water by themselves, have you heard of it? Anyone who has dealt with plants knows that the growth of plants cannot be separated from water sources, and more water is needed to grow plants faster on weekdays. It needs to be taken care of, but what if the plant can drink water by itself?


  • Initially, the watering method started by humans is probably to fill the bucket with water, and then go to water the plants little by little, so this kind of watering method will be more laborious, especially if it is a plant that needs to be watered frequently, it needs more Hard work, so humans have also been devoted to how to research an automatic sprinkler timer.


  • The weather is hot in summer, the plants evaporate quickly, and the number of watering times is more. If it is a very hot place, you can feel the heat of the weather even indoors, not to mention watering the garden lawn outdoors, it is easy It will be hot and sweaty.