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I hope you,your family and all your loved ones are well and safe.

While we still need to continue being cautious in our precautions, we have also noticed some good signs. By now. In most Europea, Asia, and Ocean countries, the number of new cases has hit a summit, and recoveries are getting more and more, deaths are less and less. This is achieved with the close cooperation of the whole world and the combination of worldwide public health measures. The world has never been so close like this. We remain positively confident that the COVID-19 outbreak will be eventually contained with our joint efforts shortly.

Since the end of March, most people in most countries were told to stay at home, and the consumer demand has hence been affected. However, according to the SARS experience^ we hold a positive attitude that the consumer demand would be rebounded as a V shape in the next two quarters, as consumers would go ahead with the spending held back by the virus outbreak once restrictions are relieved. I have attached a chart to show you how SARS impacted China retail business in 2003 . Hence, we anticipate, once we have controlled the spread of the virus we will return to normal operations as soon as possible, with expectations in revitalizing our economies. Actually, this Is already happening in China at the moment, and we will see more with the whole world recovering.

At our side now. our orders have been scheduled to May so far. For any new order placed in April, production will take place in May, and shipment is going to be received in June , then It can be ready for the unfulfilled market demands. The earlier we plan, the better we can satisfy the market demand.

Therefore, we kindly remind you to check internally to see if your current stock Is enough to catch up with the rebounded consumption afterwards. I believe we all agree, every coin has two sides. When there Is a crisis, there will be an opportunity following also, and is ready to support you with more flexible service from a vendor and friend perspective.

Anywayplease do help to coordinate internally and share with us how the pandemic is affecting your business. Remember we are always behind you. Let's make it through as one family.