• As a plant watering system, YLD has been working hard to satisfy every customer.


  • When the green of natural plants also exists on many places, the flowers and grass planted with the courtyard of the home, the grass in the park, and the dense trees in the forest.


  • In the spring, it's such a joy to have a good friend to go to a park picnic party, put on a nice skirt, bring delicious sandwiches and cookies, and sit on a wide lawn! How can a well-grown lawn was maintained so well?


  • The earth cannot be separated from green plants. Because of human activities, the laws of nature are also affected. It is believed that they begin to affect the ecological laws of nature balance.


  • It's the season when we must diligently irrigate the lawn. In the summer, the water evaporates quickly. We need to water the lawn twice a day to drink enough water for the lawn to grow vigorously. On the contrary, it is easy to soak the roots.


  • Summer is hot, still standing in the yard to water the lawn? Do you want to plant better lawns, grow more lush, and trim more neatly than your neighbors today?